Helping Hands In the Surgery Room

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There are many jobs outside of the caregiver field but within the healthcare field, there is one that offers long term growth and provides a good foundation into other medical endeavors. The position that puts you alongside a performing surgeon is a surgical technologist.

Surgeons need an extra hand in the surgery room and that is where surgical technologists or surgical assistants do their magic. They have to prep an operating room before the actual surgery. All that equipment has to be sterilized, arranged and ready to go. During emergencies, this step is crucial for a successful surgery. Without proper preparation, patients can be exposed to germs and bacteria. Having the right tools in the right spot also speeds up the efficiency and time it takes to complete a surgery.

The average pay for surgical technologists was $39,920 per year in 2010. That roughly comes out to be $19.19 per hour. It’s a great start to a career that can lead to bigger and better things in the health field.


For those who wish to supplement and improve their education, there are coursesĀ for medical terminology, law and ethics and computer applications. These skills are high in demand and are transferable to other healthcare positions with a higher salary. These courses also offer externships, which are unpaid positions, after completing the coursework. The benefits of externships are the real life experiences under the supervision of surgical teams.

It is easy to get lost in a large community college with a poor student to teacher ratio. Too much testing and not enough hands on training. At these colleges, you can get the proper training at a focused individual level. If you don’t mind working in a hospital setting (Most surgical techs work in hospitals), and love the medical field, then consider this career.

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