Alternative Jobs For Caregivers

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In this economy, it is not uncommon for people, in all sorts of fields, to start searching for alternative jobs where their previous skills can still be fully utilized. Caregivers are no exception. Many caregivers today find themselves moving from the traditional caregiver assignment of assisting the elderly to related jobs like working with autistic children and nursing. Fortunately, many alternative jobs for caregivers require little to no additional training and can even lead to better benefits.

List of Different Occupations for Caregivers

Traveling Caregiver

The career of a traveling caregiver is quickly becoming a popular and rewarding job for thousands of skilled workers in the United States. Traveling caregivers require no more education or training than a typical caregiver, although they’ll be required to travel around the country frequently. This career generally requires the caregiver to move from job to job, staying anywhere from a month to a year with each client, depending on their needs. Room and board is often paid by the agency and you can earn anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour, depending on your qualifications and experience.

Personal Shopper For The Elderly

This can be a well paying job depending on the client who is hiring you to become a personal shopper. Your duties involve listening to the elderly person and taking proper notes for the items they request or the items that their family request. This can become quite the treasure hunt if you have a client with specific needs. Your caregiving skills will come into play when you listen patiently and address all their special needs.

Motivational Speaker

If you have been around people who constantly need reassurance and encouraging words to help them take their medicine or get them through the day, then a job of a motivational speaker might be in your future. These caregiver skills of listening and speaking positive words can be transferable to this career.

Nursing Aides

Nursing aide is another great alternative job for caregivers, although there will be a need for additional training. To switch careers from a personal caregiver assistant to a nursing aide, you will need at least a high school diploma and possibly training and a license, depending on your state. You must also complete a 75-hour certification process to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and pass an evaluation to work in a nursing home facility. Nursing aids are compensated well and earn between $10 and $15 an hour.

Child Care

Lastly, child care is yet another common alternative job for caregivers and often requires no additional training, although you may want to get certified if you want to work with autistic and special needs children.

Paraprofessionals work as assistants to these children helping them perform their daily activities and uses applied behavioral analysis (ABA) techniques to help improve their behaviors.

Depending on your state, you may be required to get credentials as a Child Development Associate (CDA). Providing child care in your home will also require a license in most states. Child care workers are typically paid somewhat low rates of $9 to $11 per hour, although higher education will mean better opportunities. This career field is also excellent if you don’t want to travel because you can run an entire business from your home setting.


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