Signs of a Bad Caregiver

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You suspect something is wrong with your loved one but you are not sure what it is. It is possible the “care” from the caregiver is the cause of the problem. Look out for some of these signs.

Is the caregiver not showing respect towards your loved one? Do they listen? Are they considerate? Does the Alzheimer caregiver show respect? Are they punctual? Do they have any manners? How often does the elderly caregiver encourage your loved one? Do they go above and beyond their duties? How often does the caregiver assume things?

Signs of Caregiver Abuse

Rarely listens to you or your loved one. Tell them something and see if they can recall it back moments later. It might be something as simple as planning out a meal.

The bad caregiver interrupts your loved one and interjects their own opinion on the matter without letting your loved one finish their thoughts.

Talks to one being cared for like a baby. For example, “I know what’s best for you.” “Be a good girl and eat your meal.” “You shouldn’t eat that, it’s not good for you.” They make gestures and sounds that are similar to baby noises. Giving pet names to your loved one like “honey”, “sweetie”, or “baby” are quite disrespectful unless there is some agreement that it’s alright to use those words.

Here is one that is always irritating. Caregivers talk to someone as if they are deaf even when they can hear you fine. If you see a caregiver raising their voices for no particular reason to your loved one, that is a bad thing.

Do they laugh or smirk at your loved one about their elderly incontinence? This is an immediate sign of not showing any respect for their situation.

Towering over your loved one like they are in command and being an authority to them. The caregiver and the person being cared for should be on equal terms and should never be looked down upon. You can see this happening if they give orders to your loved one and never asks them for their permission.

Caregiver taking personal phone calls during their work hours. They talk on their phones while ignoring your cared one and even acting as if they do not understand or exist.

If you see these signs in a caregiver, talk to your loved one and ask them how they are being treated. If they are unable to communicate their words, you have to be more aware of the treatment and behaviors of a bad caregiver. Sadly, this does happen and many elderly, disabled, and mentally challenged individuals get taken advantage. Find more in home caregivers in your local area and give your loved one, the care they deserve.


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