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Caregivers should be knowledged and certified in their specific fields, especially when there are children involved. Would you have the knowhow to do what it takes in an emergency situation when a child or infant’s life is in danger? If you are doubting your knowledge on this matter, then it’s time to take the leap forward. Luckily, there are certifications for people in your situation and it does not take much time or money.

PALS, stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support and there are learning courses intended to provide you with the necessary skills and information to help children and infants in emergencies situations such as basic life support, resuscitation, assessing a child, and cardiopulmonary arrest. Not only does it train the individual but it contains techniques when working as a team. You can get an online healthcare certification for PALS.

There is an online portion and a physical in person section. The PALS Certification course costs roughly $170 and upon completion, receives certification for 2 years, before renewal. The test results are immediately provided once the course certification exam is taken. If your job, career or school requires this certification, this is only way to get the process completed quickly.

This certification helps prepare registered nurses and other caregivers who are interested in pursuing a career in Pediatrics. If nothing else, it can also give someone the information to act in case their children or infant is ever in such emergencies. Caregivers should really consider this course especially if their main patients are children and infants. The PALS certification is also for all healthcare providers dealing with pediatric emergencies and students seeking first-time or renewal credentialed training.

Other certification courses that caregivers should consider are ACLS and BLS courses. If you need some studying material, there are also practice tests for the PALS and ACLS certifications. The question is not will you use this information but when.


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