Cancer Caregivers

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A cancer caregiver is a person who assists and takes care of someone who has been afflicted with cancer. There are various types of cancers that one may suffer from so there may be a wide range of duties that a cancer caregiver may have to do. Here is a guide to what you can look for, when it comes to the type of people, a cancer caregiver will take care of and how you as the caregiver can assist them.

Caregiver for Cancer Patients

As a caregiver for cancer patients, you will be taking care of many different kinds of people who have cancer. You could have to taking care of children, teenagers, young adults or senior citizens all depending upon what type of cancer they have and what needs they have.

Job Duties of a Cancer Caregiver

Your duties as a cancer caregiver will vary depending upon what stage of cancer the patient is at and what they can still do for themselves. Many activities include helping to administer medications. This is especially important if the patient is sick from treatments. They will need medicine for nausea and other side effects. You may to take them back and forth to doctor’s appointments as well as help them keep a schedule of the appointments. Some cancer caregivers are just there for a specific activity such as cleaning the house, or doing the cooking. Others may be hired to provide care for the children of the patient since they may feel too ill to take care of them themselves.

Taking Care of Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease that can gradually get worse or get worse immediately. When you take care of cancer patients, you will notice the changes in the person as the disease causes more pain. Emotions and moods will get incremental worse and what was once tolerable for the caregiver can quickly turn into something hard to manage.

For those patients who are at the later stages, caregiving for cancer patients may require assisting them in bathing and helping them get to the restroom. The cancer drugs cause fatigue as a common side effect and they might not have enough energy to get around on their own.

Along with fatigue, cancer patients exhibit feelings of being unmotivated for daily life skills. They might get angry quickly, feel anxious or depressed. As their caregiver, you must realize the impacts and tolls that the cancer treatments and drugs are taking on the person’s body. This helps you manage your own feelings and be able to reason why they may be reacting in this manner towards you, without experiencing caregiver burnout.

Improving Cancer Caregiver Skills

Caregivers can improve their skills by being informed about the particular cancer the patient has and knowing what sort of things they should expect. For example, bone cancers and pancreatic cancers are considered some of the most painful cancers for anyone to handle. They infect the tissue, bones and muscle and compresses the nerves. This causes that excruciatingly hard to manage pain.

If you are aware of their conditions, you will understand how much pain management they require and be more sympathetic of their diseases. They can also improve their skills by taking special classes offered for caregivers. These are good additions to your caregiver resume. Lastly they can improve their skills just by being there for their patient. Sometimes this is all the patient needs to feel better.


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