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A cover letter for a job is suppose to complement a resume. It is the appetizer (cover letter) before the main course (resume). It is your first impression before laying the groundwork for any interview. Since your caregiver resume will be filled with facts and a list of your skills, you need a cover letter to make the resume feel more human. Basically, it is your way to connect the facts and skills to you, the person. Because of this, the cover letter cannot be generic and must be tailored made for the specific position.

If you are applying for an Alzheimer’s caregiver job position, you have to create the impression that you are knowledgeable in the subject matter. Anything from discussing about the latest research methods in Alzheimer’s caregiving to a newspaper article you have recently read. Then explain how you used that information towards your patient. For example, a study has shown some positive benefits in coffee where,

two strong cups of the black stuff a day can reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

You can mention how you suggested or incorporated a daily coffee plan for the patient after much discussion and approval. Be unique and be human in your caregiver cover letter.


Caregiver Cover Letter Sample

In the cover letter sample to the left, you can see the simple layout of any cover letter. Explain your reasoning for applying to the caregiver job and your background. The second paragraph goes more into detail of your relevance to the job. How can you provide for the job title? What will you offer that someone else cannot? As a caregiver, you want to discuss your knowledge of the particular ailments, diseases and disabilities that you have experienced with your cared ones.

Cover Letter Examples

When you address someone in a cover letter, make sure to know your focus and write accordingly. The three types of cover letters are,

  • Application letter responds to job openings
  • Prospecting letter inquires about possible positions
  • Networking letter requests information and assistance for the job search

The following are cover letter examples in different professions. The formats are similar to a caregiver cover letter but the qualifications are different. Use them as guide and break down the paragraphs into steps. Take a look at caregiver resume samples to get a better idea of some skills to discuss in your cover letter. Here are two effective cover letters and application letters for caregivers.

The first cover letter (application letter) addresses the person’s first encounter with the job employer and what they took from it.

cover-letter-sampleThe second letter (prospecting letter) talks more about what they have done in their lifetime of work and how it will be transferable for the prospective job position.
There are plenty of cover letter and resume samples available online. Try downloading a sample resume cover letter and experiment with the many styles and formats.


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