Caregiver for Aging Parents

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Compassionate and helpful people can enjoy a wonderful career as a caregiver. Caregiver jobs and eldercare are available in private homes, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and retirement communities.

Often the main reason people hire a caregiver is that dealing with difficulty aging parents is a source of stress and concern for younger adults. For a career as a caregiver, the training requirement spans a broad range. Some caregivers are registered nurses with an extensive nursing school background. Find out what a typical caregiver resume looks like.

Others have been custodial aides. Some who work in the care giving field have no advanced health care training to speak of. It is often their first serious job after having cared for one of their children or parents.

Costs of Nursing Caregiver Training

If one should choose to become a nursing caregiver, their training can be expensive. Four years of nursing college can easily exceed $30,000. Some workers move from the physician’s assistant position to become personal caregivers. This requires a college degree with courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pathology and pharmacology. This can cost above $40,000 at some private universities.

But there are elderly caregivers who have no experience and do not have to pay for their training. These are people who are innately able to care for their aging parents and basically learn on the job. They are often taught by the current caregiver of the person, who may be retiring or switching careers.

Caregiver for Aging Parents Earnings

Caregiver earnings can be anywhere between $8 per hour to over $20 per hour, depending on experience and educational training. A caregiver for aging parents usually has the daily responsibilities of helping feed, bathe, wash, and dress the person. Sometimes caregivers also do alternative jobs such as the food shopping, cooking, and driving the person to doctor’s appointments.

Being a caregiver can be remarkably rewarding because the caregiver gets the satisfaction of helping another human being carry on their daily activities with more strength and pride. Care giving can be a long term career for both men and women who enjoy being sympathetic in a health care environment.

Most caregivers earn a regular weekly wage. They can work for private companies or even be self employed if they wish. They can either live in with the person or commute to their house each day without residing there. It is a matter of personal choice.

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