Caregiver Health Tips

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Here are some helpful tips that will relieve stress and boost your health:

  • Take care of yourself by getting regular checkups and eating healthy.
  • Combine two things that are good for you: exercise and companionship. While someone else watches over Dad, go for a bike ride with a friend or play ball with your kids.
  • Get a good night’s sleep regularly. If possible, share nighttime responsibilities with someone else so you can get yourself to bed at a decent hour.
  • Find your sense of humor. Laughter helps relieve stress and release positive emotions.
  • Keep a journal. Recording your thoughts and feelings helps put things in a better perspective and can help release pent-up emotions.
  • Combine a stress reliever with caregiving tasks. Listen to classical music or nature videos while cooking dinner for Mom, doing laundry or paying her bills.

Caregiver Mental Health

You can prevent caregiver burnout if you followed at least one of these steps.

  • Ask others to help. Don’t think you’re the only one capable of helping your loved one. See if a friend, neighbor or relative will chip in on the chores.
  • Schedule “caregiving escapes” into your routine. Take time for yourself each day by indulging in a good book for a half hour or taking a short nap. Or do something special for yourself each week, like a matinee movie or shopping with a friend, a picnic in the park, an afternoon at the museum or a flea market, a yoga class or a lazy Saturday morning in bed.
  • Take advantage of every formal or informal service you can find. Set limits on how much time and effort you can physically and mentally devote to caregiving.
  • Share your feelings of sadness or grief with a good friend, family member, spiritual advisor, professional counselor or anyone you can trust.

Keep hassles and small details in perspective. If the carpet doesn’t get vacuumed today, dinner is served later than usual or the laundry waits until tomorrow, that’s OK. Need time for personal affairs, to get rest or to simply take a break? Seek out respite care, a voluntary or paid service that can tend to a loved one for a few hours or several weeks. Most cities have programs that offer caregiver assistance.

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you and those you care for, so take it seriously. Also, do not forget to get some caregiver health insurance because accidents and injuries can happen at the worse times.

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    May 24th, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    […] Get yearly checkups and focus on health conditions like diabetes, heart health and weight management. How you take care of yourself will reflect in how you give care to someone else. Check out these caregiver health tips. […]

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