The Caregiver’s Role

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In a 2004 study by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the American Association for Retired Persons, more than 44 million Americans are providing care to a spouse, parent, relative or friend. Caregivers are very much a part of our society that affects people of all races, lifestyles and income levels.

Caregivers demonstrate love and commitment and strengthen relationships to everyone around them. The responsibilities and role of a caregiver can range from around-the-clock supervision to weekly visits or calls. The duties of a caregiver have a wide range of roles such as supervising of others who provide care and offering caregiver assistance.

You may be involved in shopping, cooking, cleaning and running errands. In many ways, you are the extra hand in providing the daily needs of an individual, such as transportation, bathing, toileting, dressing and feeding.

Caregivers become an advocate for their care recipients and aid them in financial and legal management and advice. Caregiver roles include supervising or dispensing medication. If required, they arrange for healthcare and call the person to check on him or her.

On a more abstract level, caregivers work to listen, talk and providing emotional support whenever possible. Caregiving may seem like a one way relationship on paper but in order to provide the best care, you must be able to maintain your own well-being. Many people develop patience and interpersonal skills during the process of being a caregiver.

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