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Before you start on any caregiver resume, write down a list of your personal qualifications and experience. If you have taken care of a loved one in their time of need, those are important caregiving skills to report. Depending on the condition of the cared one, your skills will vary. A resume should encompass everything that makes you qualified for the position. Make sure it is focused according to the objective. Imagine if the objective in a resume was an essay question. The rest of the resume should support the reasons why you can fulfill the resume objectives. If your intention is to work with disabled persons, then your resume should list the skills involved such as understanding proper patient lifting techniques. It is also important to note, in your caregiver resume, your knowledge of the particular ailment or disease.

Caregiver for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients
Dressing is a particular difficult task for dementia patients so you add that to your skill set. Explain how you used good communication skills and techniques to get the task done. In cases of Alzheimer’s caregiving, you may be more involved in their daily schedule management and taking care of their finances.

Caregiver for elderly person
A caregiver for an elderly person may have dealt with elderly incontinence and/or helping administer medication that was prescribed by their doctors.

Caregiver for disabled
When caring for a disabled person, you might have done a lot of transferring from bed to wheel chair and vice versa. You might also be proficient with Hoyer lift transfers. You may also have some skills in daily hygiene such as bathing, combing and brushing.

Free Sample Caregiver Resumes

Here is a sample caregiver resume with a list of basic caregiving tasks and skills. Use the free sample caregiver resumes as templates and remember to keep the objective focused on your intended job position. Pay close attention to the resume layouts and the ways that it captures the reader’s eyes.


If you want to make your caregiver resume more personal, you can add a face profile picture. Make sure to smile and show warmth and happiness. If you were in the position to pick a caregiver for your elderly parent, would you pick someone that was sad or angry looking in the profile? I certainly would not. Get proper lighting and give a genuine smile.


Here is another version of a caregiver resume for someone without an employment history. Without the employment history, list the most relevant job skills first that would aid your hiring. This goes counter to the chronologically correct resumes that lists the most recent jobs first. But remember that caregiver employers will only give your resume a few seconds of time. You want to be able to provide the most convincing evidence from the top of the resume to the bottom.

Finding a resume sample is easier more than ever. There are thousands of sample resume cover letters with resume sample objectives found on the internet. You can even make a free resume online by picking and choosing your favorite resume templates. Keep searching till you find what you need.


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