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Employment trends can change from year to year. One of the fastest growing industries is the health care field – specifically, home caregiver jobs. This is a job that requires a number of skills and personal strengths. The home caregiver is described as a person who tends to the needs of the elderly, disabled, or infants, while in the patient’s home. The patient needs to be cared for, kept safe, and kept healthy. The home caregiver job is a demanding one, and anyone who seeks employment of such, should be commended for it. The health care industry could not survive without home caregivers.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Home Caregiver

  • Planning and preparing meals that meet the patient’s nutritional or doctor’s requirements.
  • A caregiver may also do the actual grocery shopping.
  • House cleaning – vacuuming, dusting, dishes, bed making, laundry, or up keeping wherever needed.
  • Errand running, such as taking patient to doctor appointments, shopping, social events, or activities.
  • Monitoring and record keeping of vital signs or other health issues – reporting to doctor any unusual or unhealthy symptoms.
  • Provide social interaction for good personal mental health and skill building.
  • A caregiver can be a valuable motivational tool by encouraging the patient to follow a daily routine of healthy living.

Salary Amounts of Home Caregiver Jobs

Even though the caregiver provides a great and unique service, the annual salary is currently on average $18,000 per year. Some caregiver jobs may earn more, depending on the number of years experience and educational background. Some caregivers earn more if they work on a self-employed basis, versus working for a specific hospital.

Skills, Knowledge, and Educational Requirements

There are no minimum requirements at this time. A solid caregiver resume is the key to getting hired. Skills and knowledge in healthcare, nutrition, CPR and first aid, are highly desired. Patience, good-heartedness, honesty, and dependability are the personal skills needed in a home caregiver.

A home or live in caregiver plays a vital role in a patient’s well being, allowing them to receive care in the comfort of their own home, instead of a clinic or hospital.

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  1. darlene wheeler Says:
    December 11th, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    hello my name is darlene wheeler and i am trying to find someone to help me you see i care for my husband for his diabetes type 2 and for his stage four cancer on his pancreas and his femair and on his spine and on the outer part of his stomache he is very ill and i am the only one he will let take care of him you see we just got married on nov.20th 2010 and i am gonna loose my disability check and we need an income so how do i find someone to help us?

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