Responsibilities of a Caretaker for Disabled

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Caretakers for disabled patients are such a blessing and are very much needed in today’s society. They are responsible for taking care of their patients such as feeding them, assisting them in their daily activities or functions, helping them bath and get dressed, and with any other duties or tasks that patients are not able to do on their own.

They are responsible for the well being of the patient as long as they are in their care. This is a hard job and should be taken on by sympathetic people who really enjoy helping others, and not for those who are just looking for a pay check. Read more about what defines a caregiver and if you fit that position. Caring for people has to be something you love in order to fulfill the job effectively and to your full potential.

There is no doubt that with the increase of elderly and disabled people, the need for caretakers will continue to grow throughout the years. The economy is already in demand now for caregiver jobs, so imagine the need for them ten years from now. Caretakers for the disabled can make anywhere from 24,000-34,000 a year with room for growth depending on their area you are working. They may be able to make more depending on the situation. Caretakers not only care for the patient but they also may be required to clean the person’s home on a regular basis if the home owner is disabled. All situations differ and vary in duties.

Disabled Caretaker’s Education

Disabled caretakers should have a high school diploma or equivalent, they must have some vocational training at an approved school, or on job training. It doesn’t take long for training in this field. Usually within a few months of training, people begin work in that field right away. There are numerous of schools offering this training and those that do not, are working on increasing the course availability. The need for caregivers is expected to grow during the coming years.

Being a caretaker is not an easy task to handle every day, so it is extremely important that you research this field. Talk to others who work in this area so that you can really decide if this is the career move for you.

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