Caregiver Burnout

When we commit all our time into taking care of someone else, we forget our problems, both physical and mental. In this case, burnout is when someone feels emotionally and physically drained. You have no more energy or time to give to yourself.

You may notice yourself easily irritated or quick tempered for small things especially towards those close to you. You may feel less enthusiastic for things that used to create excitement.

Caregiver Stress

Although it may seem nearly impossible to find the time, you can’t expect to focus all your energy on someone else without taking some time out for yourself. Neglecting your own needs often results in health problems, along with feelings of depression, loneliness, grief, anger, sadness, fatigue, anxiety, frustration, guilt or fear. It is even harder for an aging caregiver. Added stress can make it difficult to function at home, at work or when caring for a loved one.

Get yearly checkups and focus on health conditions like diabetes, heart health and weight management. Remember your caregiver role and balance your personal life between the two. Prevent burnout by recognizing these problems you may encounter. How you take care of yourself will reflect in how you give care to someone else.

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