Caregiver Business for the Sick, Elderly and Disabled

Starting a Caregiver Business

Caregiver or nursing homes are an alternative for families who cannot monitor their sick, disabled or elderly loved ones at home. Starting a caregiver business is not only a way to earn a lucrative income, but it is a way to provide a much needed service. By following a few simple instructions, you can be well on your way to starting a caregiver business.

The Steps for Caregiver Business Plan

  • Recruit qualified caregivers
  • Interview caregivers – check their qualifications, background and criminal records.
  • Determine if this business will be in home caregivers or in a nursing home setting
  • Acquire the funding
  • Comply with state and local laws
  • Manage the work hours
  • Advertise your services
  • Develop a client base

Determine how many patients you plan to service. Also, determine how many patients you want per room. This will help you locate or build a facility that will hold all of your patients. You should decide on the type of activities your residents will participate in. For example, if you have a physical therapy department, you may need a room with built-in machines and equipment.

Contact the United States Health and Human Services Department’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for rules and regulations governing nursing homes. This agency will provide you with the rules for assessing your patients. They will also inform you of the qualification necessary for caregivers and nursing staff. They will inform you of the necessary facility regulations.

Make sure that your caregiver staff meets the proper licensing requirements before you hire them. For example, nurses may be required to have a nursing home administrator license. Contact your state’s Health Licensing Board and Division of Nursing Home Monitoring to determine what types of licenses doctors and nurses should maintain during their length of employment with your caregiver business. Interview a caregiver and make sure to get a background check in addition to their qualifications. They will be working with people who someone loves and cares deeply for, so they must feel safe and secured.

The costs of starting a caregiver business will vary. You must consider the costs associated with your building, supplies, furniture, employees, advertising, caregiver business cards and more. You can get estimates by contacting architects, building crews and suppliers. Go online to research the salaries of qualified doctors, caregiver jobs, nurses, nurses’ aides and other support staff. Contact other nursing homes for possible information. You may be able to obtain small business loans or grants to pay for your business.

Contact local hospitals, community centers, senior citizens housing and family members of sick or elderly relatives. Let them know about your caregiver business and the quality services you will happily and patiently provide to your future patients.

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