Interviewing A Caregiver

How do you make sure the person you are hiring is right for this position? Caregiving can be intense at times and this pressure can mount on someone who not prepared. They must be able to deal with the situation without getting frustrated at the patient. The caregiver may be very qualified with their degrees and education but if they lack the ability to smile and be happy around patients, they might not fit the job duties required.

For a patient, laughter is still one of the best medicines. If a caregiver can keep the patient happy, their health can improve too.

Caregiver Traits

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Caregiver

  • Light hearted – Ask them to tell you a joke or a funny situation they experienced recently.
  • Happy – Smiling is simply not enough to determine this trait. Ask them how they unwind and relax after a long day? This shows how well they handle stressful situations and a good indicator of their happiness.
  • Open-minded – Ask them how open they are to new ideas. Do they listen well to the patient’s request? Caregivers should be servants to the patients and not authority figures. They should be open to ideas and requests as long as it is not harmful to the health of the patient.
  • Healing – Are they capable of making the patient feel better? How much knowledge do they know of the particular ailments that affect the patient? A good caregiver will research the ailments and make themselves a better caregiver from learning it. An elderly caregiver should know how to transfer an elderly patient from a bed to supporting mobility device such as a wheelchair or a walker. Other things a caregiver should know is how to keep the living area free from things that could injury the patient.

Look for these good caregiver traits when interviewing someone for a position. These questions and traits are perfect for when you are interviewing a caregiver for an Alzheimer patient. If you are looking for a caregiver job, make sure you have these traits when being interviewed. The more traits you have, the better your chances of landing that job.

Also be sure to get a good background check on the person applying for the job position if necessary.

Background Check

Why is a background check necessary for potential caregivers? Even if you are hiring someone from a reputable company, it is important to run your own background check on the employee.

  • It provides peace of mind.
  • Companies will always miss and overlook something.
  • You can ask questions related to the information you find.
  • You can use the information to do some reference requests.
  • It is cheap.


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